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Most Curious Wedding Show '22

This time last year...

To get that email come through to say I had a spot to exhibit at the Most Curious Wedding Show (March '22) was the best feeling! It was somewhere I had been keeping my eye on, watching the social media pages of people exhibiting the years previous hoping to be a part of it all one day. I finally plucked up the courage to apply and... I got accepted... So the planning of my stand began! I have so admired the showcase due to its awesome creativity so to have the opportunity to truly be as creative as I could be in terms of my stand design to showcase Name & A Dress and what I offer was a dream come true! *Side note I am an illustrator passionate about creating your illustrated story live on your wedding day or from your beautiful photographs!

Initial mood boards planning the design and content of my stand.

I illustrated everything... and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! I created a huge floral backdrop piece, illustrated frames to display work in, I even illustrated a 3D bouquet to add to the table! It all started with these mood boards above - big fan of mood boards here! I had to include those little bits of me, spot the hand with rings clutching pens! It felt only right to include my beloved clipboards in the display as you may already know if you have spotted me illustrating live anywhere I don't just stay in one spot. Me and my clipboard will be here there and everywhere capturing moments as they happen, noting down overheard musings, truly capturing your illustrated story.

Of course I couldn't help myself - in between meeting and chatting to so many amazing people I illustrated some of the stands, the shows, performances and all that good stuff in between! I was so inspired by the showcase, so overwhelmed with gratitude for all the love and kindness shown towards me and my work and just generally just so happy be there that weekend! It was such an inspiring environment to be in - the catwalk shows were just incredible!

Femme Petale & her bathtub floral display of dreams!
Pink Palms beaut set up!
The super creative stand from Avant Garde Cake Studio - loved it!

I will honestly look back on Most Curious March '22 as the moment that changed it all for me and N&AD. I have had so many amazing opportunities from being at the show. I have illustrated at some of the most incredible weddings because of it and have made some amazing connections with fellow suppliers and wedding planners alike as a result of being a part of it all. I will be forever grateful to Becky & the MC team for having me there - I can only hope to be a part of it again in the future!

If you fancy a chat about having me capture your illustrated story then just drop me an email on jennifer@nameandadress.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon to chat all things illustration!

Speak soon,

<3 Jen